• Helene F. Rolighed Larsen

Welcome to Rolighed Scandinavian Antiques

Hello there! - And thank you very much for visiting our Shop and Magazine.

We realize that you are new here, and we are so grateful - because we are new here too! We are very excited to show you everything you can expect from us, our shop and our magazine.

So KEEP READING, and we'll let you know just what you can delve into with Rolighed Scandinavian Antiques.

Georg Jensen Silver Jewellery Set | Vintage Brass/Iron Ibis Statue | Vintage Stelton Cocktail Shaker

We have worked from eBay and Instagram for a while, building up what we consider to be a solid foundation for a shop and page that you can rely on and trust - and be excited to add to your daily life.

Because, we are not your ordinary antiques shop. We are that - and so much more.

We love antiques, as well as modern and vintage design. So we want to make sure it has a place in the modern market.

We are also passionate about doing out part for sustainability in a pressured world climate, and that is echoed in the items we sell, and the way we do business.

That is why we have started the RSA Magazine alongside our shop. We want to be your destination for everything in Scandinavian and European modern, vintage design and antiques.

You can expect informative "Designer Spotlight" articles, an array of engaging, fun articles with quizzes and other different content, Kathrine's "Weird and Wonderful" column about items we love - And much more as we move forward.

We also operate an instagram account @rolighedscandinavianantiques, where you can follow us on shopping trips, see restauration projects, be alerted to new posts, and see the newest items, perhaps even before they are listed here - And very importantly, occasional photos of our German Wirehaired Pointer, Lukas. We love him, he's cute.

- And don't hesitate to reach us there as well - we are always on the phone (but please do remember, we are based in Denmark - so make note of the time difference, if we don't respond instantly)