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Kathrine Fobian Rolighed Larsen
Helene Fobian Rolighed Larsen

We understand that it can be nice to know who you are talking to, and doing business with, so we want to just tell you a few things about us.

    We are two sisters, Kathrine and Helene Fobian Rolighed Larsen, operating this shop and magazine out of Denmark – where we are born and raised.

    Kathrine has a Masters of Law, and Helene has a multifaceted educational background with business administration, economics, and journalism. We think this combination makes us in great shape to tackle a business like this, where we combine and utilize all of our knowledge in the best ways possible.


    Antiques and modern, vintage design are personal passions, which we have always had to some extent, but have really accelerated over the last 5 years.


    We are very hands-on, and constantly work on finding curated items for the interior decorator or collector looking for that special something - be it luxury or just great quality items.


    We are always personally searching for new goods, and we love how we learn so much in the process.


    Our mission is to keep vintage design and antiques relevant in an ever-evolving modern world, and create a community around it, where we can learn as much from you, as you can learn from us!


    Our vision is to become one of the primary online destinations for Scandinavian/European antiques and design, which offers more than just an online shop – also an experience focused around a love of quality interior design manifested in a magazine.

If you have any questions for us, we are always here, so please reach out!

- Kathrine and Helene

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