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​The Jewellery Box

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Iconic Jewellery Through the Ages: 

For this, our inaugural jewellery drop, we’d like to invite you to celebrate with us all that is high style in jewellery over the past 150 years.

Ending at the rugged, brutalist Scandinavian jewellery designs of Hannu Ikonen, Björn Weckström and Gerda Lynggaard, we make our start in the Victorian era, with the delicate and wonderfully symbolic pieces that lay the groundwork for the modern jewellery of today.

Take a look in the jewellery box below ..

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Antique Jewellery: 1860–1930

This grouping of jewellery spans the middle Victorian era through to the Edwardian and the Art Deco. This collection is all about icons of antique jewellery style. The pieces found here range from costume to fine, but quality and style are central throughout.


Experience the sentimental Italian Pietra Dura and micro mosaics, or dream to a time of high fashion and glam with sharp art deco lines and sparkle of the 1920s.


This grouping includes delights from Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, and Persia.


'Celia's Awakening' Lapponia Sterling Silver Ring by Björn Weckström, 1969

Vintage Jewellery: 1930–2000

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These later decades offer us no less style and quality than the antique eras served up – if we look in the right places.


Though the post-war years set off in a less than flamboyant manor, the designs resulting from this transition were as clean and elegant as any jewellery Scandinavia has produced.

Once clear of the dark post-war years, the late 1900s became a bourgeoning playground for Scandinavian jewellery designers who saw an opening for more rugged, sculptural pieces.


From the sharp, fine lines of Arno Malinowski to the brave, brutalist designs of Hannu Ikonen and Björn Weckström – this is a playful grouping with lots to explore.


'Celia's Awakening' Lapponia Sterling Silver Ring by Björn Weckström, 1969

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