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Though we are a small, new company, which can make complete CO2-neutral operations challenging, we are committed to sustainable business practices – as far as it is possible for us.


That means that we:

  • Source our items highly sustainably, often including purchases that give directly to charitable causes.

  • Operate with a very short chain of operations: We are, as often as possible, the first-hand procurers of the items in our shop. We purchase either directly from owners, or at most from second-hand aggregates. That way they do not come through a long chain of operations.

    • We also prefer items not to be sent first to us, then to you - as little shipping as possible. So we only have items shipped, when unavoidable.

  • And to the best of our ability, we either recycle packaging materials we have received, or purchase packaging materials made from other recycled materials.

    • This means that at times, you may receive a box that was previously for something else – but it is all part of us doing our best for the planet.


As a business, and as people, we are committed to working and living as sustainably as possible for us, so we can do our part for the future of the planet, and the people who live on it.

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