A Day at the Auction with Georg Jensen's Signature

The sudden outbreak of the corona virus across the world has meant many unanticipated disruptions to the way we conduct our daily lives. No matter the circumstance, everyone has been affected somehow - including our favorite TV programme The Antiques Road Trip. Yes, we are indeed two 20-something sisters whose idea of a good evening is spending it with Tim Wonnacott, Charles Hanson, and Paul Laidlaw driving around on the British B-roads.

Unfortunately, as with anything else, filming of the show was interrupted for health and safety reasons, and so, lacking our auction-drama fix (online antiques-shopping we were able to manage), we decided to head to auction ourselves - and it was a great experience.

Holstebro Auctions (red.) host auctions one weekend each month with varying themes, and it seems we picked the right one for our debut, as it was especially good for silver.

An Auction Debut on a Day for Collectors

Upon arrival at the auction house, which from the outside looks like an inconspicuous warehouse, but from the entrance and inside looks like a modern and stylish provincial auction house, we were greeted warmly and with great enthusiasm by a man who turned out to be, Hans Jørgen Eriksen, the owner of Holstebro Auctions.

No doubt partially because we fall somewhat outside of the auction's typical demographic, he took interest in us, and quickly filled the role of what seemed like our personal guide to auction-going, even making sure to tell other member's of staff to help up with anything we wanted to look closer at, and answering any questions we might have.

After a brief conversation, he told us that a particularly large collection of Georg Jensen pieces, as well as other silver, would be up for sale. The absolute perfect auction for us.

Interestingly, it was an auction with a theme of private collections - a large Lego collection, Georg Jensen Silver, Wildlilfe & Hunting Paintings, Danish Design Furniture, and even Stone Age tools.

The set-up just inside the entrance at Holstebro Auktioner

Since the lots up for auction, including a fully-built Lego display, were all beautifully presented for viewing, inspection was easy and delightful - from furniture to silver. We took full advantage for a couple of closer looks.

Noticing that the chairs were filling up fairly quickly, partly due to the limited seating as a precaution against spreading Covid-19, we took our seats, and prepared for our first ever in-person auction experience; sister with the number 58 ready to shoot in the air, I with my notepad, pen and camera, ready to capture the details of the day.

Though many will come close to the lot numbers they want, and leave when those are passed, we made the most of a first-experience, and stayed from lot no. 1 until the very last drop of the gavel.