Endlessly Lovely, Endlessly Useful: the Sugar Spoon

Three fabulous uses from one wonderful remnant of history: the small spoon with the quirky sized bowl.

Imagine your morning routine - it's early, you're really running a little behind because, well, aren't we all mostly.. and you're getting your breakfast ready in a hurry.

Wouldn't those otherwise forgotten moments be just that much brighter if the jam for your bread, or tea for your favorite to-go cup were scooped with one of these pieces of complete delight?

22 Utterly Undeniably Wonderful Spoons to Brighten Up Your Days - All You Have to Do is Choose Yours

In the Victorian era dining was all about having single-purpose pieces like pickle forks and stilton scoops - literally something individual for each little job on the lavish dining table.

In the early to mid part of the 19th century this was toned down quite a bit, but silverware in general remained something 'you ought to have'. This has resulted in wide availability of many fabulous bits of silverware today.

And though the stilton scoops and asparagus tongs have been retired somewhat, a few specific-purpose items remained part of the set in the 1900s, and are still fabulous in use today: the sugar and preserves and tea caddy spoons.

Today, most of the larger sets of silverware that was so prominent and glamorous in the past, are hidden away, because the large and frequent upkeep that silverware requires is impractical for modern family life. So a lot of it, unfortunately, lies unused in cupboards and drawers.

However, the lovely little spoons, perfect for the tea caddies or preserves jar remain en vogue, because they are so perfectly suited to add some historic style to the modern dinner, tea or breakfast table, with little extra effort.

Whichever purpose you prefer, these spoons, often made with wonderful ornamental designs,

elevate the table setting all on their own. And they look great in the company of other modern tableware - just as they of course still do alongside other antique and vintage pieces.

These particular versions of the spoons with the large bowl and a multitude of ornamental handles are typical 1900s designs.

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