Trend of the Season: Vintage Cocktail- & Barware

Well, let's be honest - any barware will do, but vintage and antique barware is just so darn delightful.

Because, who doesn't love a good cocktail or mocktail? Especially when making it and drinking it becomes an entire experience in itself.

- Hang on 'till the end for a Rolighed Scandinavian Antiques-favorite cocktail recipe!

Bringing back old customs

F. Scott Fitzgerald, the father of The Great Gatsby, put it so eloquently, when he romanticized cocktails in the words:

"Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life."

And maybe the gist of that quote is the reason, the cocktail, and mocktail trend is on its way back - our tumultuous world could use a little rosiness.

What most people need are some covid-19 appropriate activities. Private parties for the family while lockdown is still happening, and post-corona gatherings when the restrictions are lifted slightly, all perfect for some home cocktail-making.

The experience of making and serving cocktails, with the right ingredients and the right tools, can make any evening a little more enchanting - dare we say, even magical?

Bar carts are once again an essential in any stylish livingroom corner, adorned with a lavish selection of liquors side by side with ice buckets, cocktail shakers, and beautiful accessories. A setting just waiting to set the stage for fun memories.

Whatever the reason, cocktails and barware are making a great comeback in modern interior design, and thanks to all the decades and centuries that have passed, there are so many styles to choose from. There is certainly something for everyone!

Some of the most popular styles for cocktailware right now, are Art Deco and Art Nouveau pieces, Mid-Century Modern items, and Bohemian glassware. Many brands make reproductions, so original, vintage and antique pieces are in high demand.