Time to Prepare Ourselves and Our Surroundings for the 2021 that we Deserve!

So it's 2021. Vaccines are being rolled out, and though restrictions are not completely over yet, there's a light a the end of the tunnel. Now what?

Well, if there are a couple of things that 2020 showed us, it is that 1) nothing is given, and it's important to appreciate what we do have, and 2) it can become really important to like your home surroundings.

It certainly taught us a lot of other valuable lessons as well, and 2021 will be a year like no other in recent history, because perseverance and the ability to look forward with optimism are absolutely key at this point. And if we manage to use our networks and communities, our closest family, we can make 2021 a year with positive connotations.

- In the aftermath of January 6th, which turned out in a way that surprised few, but shocked all, change for the year really is key. We must appreciate what we have, but change what we cannot appreciate just yet. So in all areas of our lives as a globally connected world, let's make positive changes for the better. And for those of us not in public seats, let's start by bettering the surroundings that shape us every day.

Despite my complete love of special interior design pieces, I don't come from a family that has focused a lot on our home set-up. For our academic parents, style in functionality was really the first priority with everything else set aside for later.

But having spent a lot of this recent time at home and around the beautiful items that I have been acquiring over the last year, both personally and for the business, it has become clear that the full picture is really important.

It's important for personal satisfaction and calm, and for the items - pieces of art as they are - to do them proper justice, so they can be truly enjoyed.

For us, these first few months of the year will be dedicated to preparing our surroundings, and our routines for a more balanced and fulfilling situation.

We deserve more, we deserve exactly what makes us happy every day, so that when we leave those surroundings we take calm and kind vibes with us.

Attaining that healthy balance will take some changes, some actions, and time. But balancing keeping some with getting rid of some things, and new with old, is key.

Whatever style or level of neatness, whatever you treasure, all homes can get a bit away from us, and the ideas we had when we first moved in.

The measure and speed of such changes are personal and individual, but we offer you a few points to consider in the process:

Make sure you only have things around you that actually bring you happiness and joy (cue the Marie Kondo references)

- that means getting rid of things, sure. But don't get rid of so much that you may end up regretting, and later repurchasing items for no reason at all. That's simply wasteful. Key for the future - let's not be wasteful. Having to think more about each item, in an effort to not be wasteful, also means you end up with only things that will truly bring you value in the long run.

- it luckily also means allowing yourself to indulge a bit. That's what antiques and pre-80s design is so great for. These items were built in a time before mass production and cost-cutting were prioritized as heavily as it is now.