Antique Danish Art Nouveau Silver Bonbonniere by Grann & Laglye (1918)

  • Condition

    Excellent antique condition. No issues.

  • Marks

    The lid and bottom are marked slightly differently.

    The bottom has the Grann & Laglye makers mark: a GL monogram.

    Both have the assay master mark 'CHF' for Christian F. Heise.

    And both have the Danish 'Three tower mark' which guarantees that they are 830 s silver, though marked for two separate years. The numbers '18' and '29' in the three tower mark means that the bottom was made in 1918, and the top in 1929.

  • Measurements

    Weight: 200 g / 7.1 oz

    Height: 12,7 cm / 5 in

    Diameter: 11,9 cm / 4.7 in

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